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Hidden Treasure Series-Part XVIII- On TRUTH and THE MEANING OF LIFE

My dear friends,

As we progress to the last Part of the Hidden Treasure Series, am duty-bound to thank God and God-particle for making me atleast irregularly regular or sometimes regularly irregular as regards my key-stroking this Series. Thank you blogger. Thank you techies.

Many of us must have wondered at some point in time on the purpose of Life, isn’t it? Is Life is just a series of experiences? Is it a mere existence? It is not just a biological and physiological ‘dragging of feet’? Is LIFE a passage of time from one point of time to another point of time? Folks, time to walk-the-talk with Shri.GRK and get to meat of LIFE or the juice of LIFE.

Ravi: Sunny evening Shri. GRK. Today G&W turned 12 today and great to have you amidst us.

GRK: Congratulations Ravi. Kilo-Miles to go before you sleep.

Ravi: Ha Hah! Well, Shri.GRK, does LIFE have any purpose? Nay any meaning? What is its sumnum bonum? Is there any intrinsic value to life other than existence? Does it have any implication for itself and by itself? Is life something different from its roles, responsibilities, and attachments? Does it leave any mark or an impact, on the sands of time? These are the eternal questions agitating the human brain. Can you please enlighten us more on the meaning of LIFE?

GRK: Hi Ravi, before understanding about LIFE, we need to understand that TRUTH is the meaning of LIFE and existence.

Ravi: IS TRUTH a kind of reality?

GRK: Truth is that “exists” (sat). It is THE fundamental reality. It could be a fact, or a reality. Truth is much more than these, for, it is eternal and universal. The reality and the fact are passing phenomena. Truth could have regional variations and interpretation. But the core of truth, nay the essence of truth is the same for all the people and for all times.

Truth has to be perceived and experienced rather than argued and understood. Truth cannot be understood through argumentation. In an argumentation to win, truth becomes a casualty. The arguer with his ego cannot understand truth. The human ego and truth cannot co-exist.

Arguing about and understanding truth is not important. No, not even needed. Perceiving truth, nay, realizing truth and living it is most important. The very proof of somebody realizing the truth is his living it. The life of a seeker who has realized the truth, becomes a totally different experience. Then his life (life to him!) becomes a thrill, a joy and a creative and spontaneous experience. Then it permeates light, as well as love; that divine quality of compassion and forgiveness. Thus, the realization of truth makes life meaningful. In other words, truth is the meaning of life and creation.

Ravi: WOW! What a TRUTH!

Ravi: Shri. GRK, for some LIFE may be chasing of material career, and achievement. For some, it may be an exercise of power and fame and swaying over people. For some others, it may be an endless pursuit of pleasure and indulgence in instincts. Could this really and fully explain the meaning of life?

After life what? Could biological determinism justify life as a mere natural struggle-struggle for existence and survival of the fittest? Could economic determinism proclaim that man lives by bread alone? Could theories of repressionism, explain total life in terms of unfulfilled instincts and frustrated egos?

GRK: Listen carefully. The ideologues of free will argue that life is something different, something precious and something unique from mere existence. Is it true!? Does this free will exist in spite of and beyond life? Does this free will have an intrinsic existence for itself separately from life? We do not know. I do not know. Let us probe with fresh brains, non-prejudiced brains. For this we need a quest for understanding life.

Ravi: Do the great personalities like Buddha, Christ and Gandhi prove that their will is different from the will of others? Are they super human?

GRK: No. not at all. In fact, they proved that they are the part of all of us the ordinary mortals. They had their life cycle their attachments, their agonies, their roles and ultimately their passing off from this earth. But, still, what they proclaim about life? What they prove about it? They proclaim that life is what you wish it to be; it is what you want it to be. It is what you wish it ought to be. You are the architect of your own life. Fate is nothing but a reflection of yourself.

For them, life is a composition, a proportion, a harmony, (compromise!?) and a synthesis, while death is a de-composition. For them life is thrill, a duty (karma).A joy and a song and natural rhythm (dharma).  Nothing more than this, they do not have any message other than their life. All their lives reflect, proclaim and enunciate only one message: that life is compassion, a concern nay a great concern, after all, this concern is love-an unconditional love, and a sacred love- a love without attachments and expectations and values.  Thus, sumnum bonum of life is ‘love’ and forgiveness. The meaning of love, nay life, cannot be understood and talked about. It is to be and it has to be realized and lived. This love is real living and this living itself is life. Nothing beyond and nothing beside is LIFE.

Ravi: That’s awesome learning Shri. GRK.  Since the meaning of LIFE is love and forgiveness, hope my life-partner would forgive for all her agonies for the non-conformist life I was/am leading. She is the epitome of what you said of LIFE. She has great compassion and empathy towards others and ours maybe was a sacred love as it was without any expectations. Thank you again God and God-Particle for all these experiences in LIFE.

I sign off wishing you all an enlightened weekend.

Kind Regards
G&W Ravi

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Abdul Lathief said...

Nice to read the new post on the meaning of life.

Here is how Holy Quran explains this life and its objective:

Every soul shall have a taste of death: And only on the Day of Judgment shall you be paid your full recompense. Only he who is saved far from the Fire and admitted to the Garden will have attained the object (of Life): For the life of this world is but goods and chattels of deception. (Holy Quran 3:185)

Say(Oh Mohammed): "I am but a man like yourselves, (but) the inspiration has come to me, that your Allah is one Allah: whoever expects to meet his Lord, let him work righteousness, and, in the worship of his Lord, admit no one as partner (Holy Quran 18:110)

In simple terms Holy Quran says the meaning of this life is to worship THE LORD and to practice righteousness - in turn to rejoin as a member in the paradise, the eternal bliss.