Saturday, September 7, 2013

An 'open' letter to Obama!

My dear Barrack Obama Jr.,

Hope this missive finds you amidst spending more time in the war-room of the Pentagon rather than in the playing grounds of the White house with Sasha and Malia, a situation you are drawn to as your infamous predecessors drew. I’m Ravi from Chennai, India, the cradle of human race. I wish to share something useful and hope it gets to your eyes->brain quickly! Allow me to get angry sometimes.

Wouldn’t the Soul of Mahatma Gandhi weep in his grave if you were to strike @ Syria now?

I’ll get to the point straight. You, personally, seemed to stand at the cusp of a historical blunder- That of planning to start airstrikes against Syria. Even the common man has already dubbed it as a possible start of World-War III. Mahatma Gandhi, the person you admire most would weep in his grave if you even think of an airstrike in Syria which if proceeded would probably spiral into a catastrophe not only in Syria/West Asia, but in America as well! The peace and fun-loving Americans don’t seem to approve of this either. Only the American Power Center (APC), as usual, thinks - “So what, Might is RIGHT?

WHY, WHY, time and again, APC willfully generates so much -Ve energy to America & Americans?

My dear, may we ask you and the infamous Bush’s-a fundamental Question? Well, internal strife of various kinds was/is there somewhere in the world - Be it India or Indonesia, Srilanka or Syria, Burma or Bangladesh. Well, America never bothered to intervene when Lady Aung San Suu Kyi, a champion of democracy in Burma against the military junta was languishing in forced solitude for over a decade (or) when supposedly 100,000 Tamils were butchered during the last days of the war in the killing fields of Mullaithivu in Srilanka. On the contrary, didn’t America screw up BIG time in Afghanistan or Iraq or Libya, over and over? Can you FEEL the sufferings of the people there? Their cries of despair? Of lost limbs and lives? LIFE turning topsy-turvy overnight for millions? People forced to live in a tinder-box like situation! As I key-stroke this, I develop goose-bumps, dear Obama as I FEEL for every single Iraqi or a Syrian or a Libyan or a Pathani in despair like we feel for an Indian or an American friend. Can’t you FEEL the humongous -Ve energy generated notably against America in/from all parts of the world?

NLP must have taught you that there is only ENERGY which exists- Which is +Ve,-Ve and Neutral (Peace). Can EVER America, live in peace, NOW and in the future-When APC, by its violent thoughts and actions, time and again, wantonly generated/generates humongous -Ve Energy for Americans? Can you discuss on this with Sasha and friends? With Agassi and Steffi together? Or with Shakira? Or with any ‘pure’ spiritual guru from India? Or with any pure NLP coach?

Greed Vs NEED

“Mr.President, WHY so much of special American ‘interest’ in West Asia, everyone is asking?” Even the kid on the street says that it’s FOR your ‘life-line’ Oil nay Energy. And maybe, you want to sell arms to shore up your screwed-up economy based on “credit culture”- On “Greed than Need”? Even a layman could SEE the TRUTH in this.

To capture 1 in-human person, do you have to wage a war against a country?

What we fail to understand what you did in Iraq or now planning to in Syria is simply one thing - Do you have to destroy a country, make them suffer in your quest to eliminate or capture 1 person who are supposedly in-human like Saddam or Bashar? Is your Pentagon, CIA, FBI, Home State Dept. and your billions of dollars SO inept that they couldn’t go near Saddam THEN or Bashar, NOW? Meanwhile, can you check with the lunatic(Sic) Bush’s what they gained by waging a war in Afghanistan and Iraq? Are they able to sleep properly without tablets or alcohol? I suspect they won’t die so easily. I strongly suspect that for their crimes against humanity, notably in Afg/Iraq that they may lose BOTH their physical and mental equilibrium, the latter to start with, if not already. Do you want to follow their path? I/V love you, dear Obama. THINK.

You know, even Satvic’s are violently perturbed seeing American violent one-upmanship!

“Dear Obama, do you know what happened this morning?” After our usual rigorous badminton session, otherwise a calm-and-composed, an erudite scholar friend of mine turned violent in his words against America when the topic turned to Syria. I made him understand that ‘America’ is a great concept screwed up BIG time by those in power, time and again by the APC, much akin to the great land Bharath a.k.a India, as many opine, looted BIG time by one family and their coterie post-1947! I also made him understand that Americans by nature are very friendly and fun loving. But my Question is “HOW your single thought of attacking Syria provokes a Satvic scholar behave violently???” This is no fiction, this is real. That Ravi getting angry is like saying sugar is sweet, thy very name is anger-personified. However, NOT my friend who was kind of forced to use violent words which is not his usual self! So, shall we say a million Osama’s born/thousands re-born for every single violent actions of the Obama’s?

Rigorous Focus on developing Renewable Energy is the NEED of the hour, isn‘t it?

May I suggest something useful, which is real? What you want from Middle East is stocking oil for the future, right? My dear, according to our eminent scientist Abdul Kalam, Oil, being a non-renewable energy, will be extinct in a couple of decades! “WHAT will you/we do then? Suck our thumbs?” So, instead of spending more time in the war-room(Sic) at Pentagon or White house, suggest spend more time more with Sasha, Malia and friends and also rigorously following up what the heck your scientists are doing after gobbling so many billions of dollars on research on renewable energy sources? Why don’t America lead the world on this? The wonder plant family of ‘Jatropha Curcas L’ is a case in point. If in doubt, please check with Reinhard K. Henning, regarded as ‘The Father of Jatropha’. That’s the way forward. That’s visionary, isn’t it? Of course, while most people will be benefitted, the gun-lobby or military lobby won’t be. So be it.

Do you know WHY you were given the Nobel Peace Prize when you know that you didn’t deserve?

My dear President, do you know WHY the wise counsel of Nobel foundation gave ‘Nobel Prize for Peace’ for you immediately when you were elected first time, when you did nothing worthwhile to receive that much-coveted prize? It was given to ‘reform’ the thought process of the APC. It is to make the Captain of America work for peace. Not to become war-mongers like your predecessors for all the WRONG reasons. Not to make innocent women and children, the aged suffer for no rhyme or reason. To make you ‘walk-the-talk’ that America often makes, seldom practice.

In the lighter vein, I plan to sell my Telly! You know WHY?

Obama, I couldn’t sleep or eat watching the gory scenes of Telly in Afg/Iraq wars. In the lighter vein, if you strike at Syria or anywhere, I intend to sell my Telly as I can’t watch humans destructing another, seeing science becoming an enemy to mankind and still BE sane. Science and Technology must always remain a friend to mankind, for the benefit of mankind, not to destroy one another! The souls of Alfred Nobel and Albert Einstein would weep seeing APC’s actions in Afg/Iraq in the recent memory and Syria in the pipeline now, thoroughly misusing technology!

And finally, some words of wisdom – “What a rat-race, for what?”

I/V citizens of this lovely place called ‘Mother Earth’, tied to a common umbilical cord, earnestly hope that better sense would prevail in you in the Syrian situation. There are numerous non-violent ways of capturing  in-human person(s) anywhere in the world, in whatever place/position he/she is. All I personally request is, please, let’s all of us learn a single thought from the lovely mountainous country of Bhutan where they measure nation’s growth by Gross Domestic Happiness(GDH) and not GDP what we stupidly and blindly follow!What a rat-race, for what?” - I mean at the individual, family, race, national and global level? And you, Obama, since you are captain of not only America but supposedly of Mother Earth as well (as APC thinks), I thought it’s prudent to leave these thoughts with you enable to make the world a better place to live. Especially in the troubled Middle East and Africa. What do you say?

I fervently hope that in your remaining tenure you would work for global peace and disarmament, on renewable energy, starting with your country first. That way, the soul of Mahatma Gandhi or Alfred Nobel or our beloved Steve Jobs would bless you! Else…

My regards to Madame Michelle Obama and hugs to Sasha and Malia.

Look forward to hearing from you. Apologies for my anger, albeit a functional one!

With Love and Cheers!

Yours Truly,



Anonymous said...


Barack Obama

Anonymous said...

Dear Ravi

Appreciate your feelings and thoughts. Well said APC need to rethink and hope President Obama will chang his mind soon


Anonymous said...

I agree with Ravi. You (Obama) were able to penetrate deep into Pak territory and nab Osama Bin Laden. Why don't you do the same now?

Raymond N P Mahimaidoss said...

Dear Ravi, I am going to write to you like Obama would reply. Just to make sure that the other side of the coin is also seen, Dear Ravi first of all thanks for all the concern shown on my family, but request you to also think of the plight of the innocent Syrians killed by those Chemical weapons, do you know how people die miserably out of asphyxiation and total failure of the neuro-muscular system. If I and APC was not least bothered about it, then this argument on Syria would be needless. If I was only worried about Sasha and her sister then the case is rested. On Sri Lanka what did your cradle of civilization do for its own genre? or for that matter your Badmenton friend, please stop by and ask him if he had done one bit to stop that genocide? On the contrary what has happened in Afghan and Iraq today? two regimes having their own set of problems but people breathing easy under democracy? Well lets step into the allegation that we are doing it for oil---- FYI when you have time Google on this company called Tesla and the kind of cars they make , we are revolutionizing the alternate energy path, but countries blessed with abundance of Solar energy - what have they done? That's why we at APC have to lead, whether it is on restoration of humanity or technology. Nice buddy with that note, let both of us think is there is any other way out.