Sunday, January 6, 2013

Heaven is just a HTKS away, Isn’t it?

Dear friends,

Hope you all have had a sedate start to 2013!

Allow me to dedicate this blog to singer George Michael, actor Kamalhaasan, my friend Sridhar and to numerous souls who yearn for a Hug or a Touch, a Kiss  or atleast a Smile! ‘Heaven is a KISS and SMILE’ is one of the phrases in George’s ‘Father Figure’, a masterpiece with awesome meaning! The male cares so much for his soul-mate that he says he would care for her like a father! Wow! Kamal, an acting ‘avatar’, in this Thamizh movie ‘Vasool Raja‘, in a hilarious way, would stress the importance of “Kattipudi Vaidhyam”( Cure through a Hug!)

Today morning, Sridhar, my badminton buddy, a chanakya-like character who can read the stars and their movements just like how we would do simple maths was saying that the worst has started for the human kingdom! I thought we should take that conversation forward to some to other day to understand if there’s a science and maths behind this kind of unprecedented turmoil, in one form of the other, round the globe. Or, in other words, humans going through hell in some form or the other, in this ‘Kaliyug, the last of the yuga. I observe that either, they kill themselves and others around them or someone else returns the compliment! Hah Ha! I don’t mean killing the body. I meant the brain, the soul!

Well, today morning conversation made me think deeper mixing with George and Kamal’s messages as to the Opposite – ie Heaven. How would it be? What we should do to be in a heaven like situation? Sridhar says mankind is worsening around the world(read hell) with the most affected being women, elderly and children! "Hold on Sridhar, we know that we die every day and are born everyday as well and that’s a biological phenomenon as well with old cells destroyed and new cells produced". And, most of us would have experienced heaven when we sucked milk from our mother’s breast! Isn’t it? Let’s ponder over the title now and see if we can create heaven like moments, from time to time, in a time when  STARS in the galaxy and we ourselves are creating more hell like situations, in varied degree, one after the other! If I ask each one of you-husband and wife, parents and children, elderly and young, Religion A, Religion B, East, West, pitted against each other, we would get Wow! A million or zillion hell-like situations! Sridhar is on-the-money! He has predicted by reading the stars and I say by watching/reading through (y)our brain!

There is this real-life story(One’s truth is story for others, isn’t it?) which goes like this. Summer of 1974. A young boy, 5 years of age,is the first maternal grandson of a big family and naturally was treated like a prince by all around. During one of his visits to his maternal grand father's home, during one of the evenings, he and his 80 year-old great-grandma were alone in that home in Kumbakonam, the temple town. The 5 year old prince found his bed-ridden grandma very uncomfortable and watched her kind of tossing in her bed, on the floor. The grandma pointed to the bed-pan and in a jiffy he rushed to get the bedpan and placed it at the correct place like a seasoned mid-wife! Hah Ha! And, he started massaging(Touch) grandma’s belly sub-consciously. He didn’t know that grandma has had a bad stomach and dysentery like situation. Well, those times they relied on 'nature cure' which would take some days, isn’t it? But the young boys’ TOUCH therapy probably worked. The great-grandma woke up the next morning fresh-as-a-fiddle,toiling in the kitchen, only to make mouth-watery delicious dishes to this stupid prince who has never seen a bedpan! It’s so happened the prince in this real life story is ‘yours truly’. I recall this instant as ‘Power of Touch’ in action! Kamal’s narration of giving life to a terminally ill patient through HT(K)S isn’t unscientific, isn’t it? It’s like the brain receiving the signals which we can’t see but can FEEL. What do you say?

Moving on, there is this a creative woman in the mid thirties, full of beans, is married to a lazy apathic 'couch potato'.They have been together for more than a decade now. Frustrated to the core, she was turning hysterical. She happens to have an angel-like person as her new neighbor who with her Touch and Smile without any expectations, has turned around this 'depressed damsel' over a span of  weeks, infusing her a new lease of life! Without any medication,  whatsoever! In fact, know this lady for a decade now and have never seen her smile! Today, the smile of the once hysterical woman is radiating and Heavenly! Wow! What a change? How did it happen? It's all due to the  Touch and Smile therapy of the angel, a home maker herself. Again here, T and S in HTKS were in action. All the four are not required at all times. However, for best results use combination according to the situation. May be a pat, may be a smile, a wink, a warm hug, a gentle touch, kiss on the cheek /hand, AND maybe a Lip-lock in case of soul-mates..... I leave you to fill the rest... Leave it to each one's creativity!

Let’s now click and Watch a video, a  beautiful way of explaining HTKS, posted by Keith Everett in FB. Thanks Keith for this marvelous video. What do you FEEL? Heavenly? Or something else? Please do share.

Brain scientists say only 7% of words we speak reaches the other person and the rest is body-physiology that  conveys communication. I guess applying H,T,K,S genuinely would do wonders in many hell or war-like situations- be it at Panchayat or Parliament, bedrooms or boardrooms! But I observe after watching animal and human behavior, we humans haven’t yet learnt the art of HTKS. Nothing wrong if we have to learn from animals. So what? As long as we get this basic consciousness of HTKS, which would not only help us  avoid hell like situations but help others get this heavenly feeling, everyday, some time of the other so that the so-called hell gets frightened AND runs away! What do you say?

Humans of all races and religions, sizes and shapes, RIGHT brained or LEFT brained, need to practice HTKS subconsciously enable have heavenly moments not only for them but for people around them as well. And you know, HTKS phenomenon is contagious! The world would be a better place to live in if we get this right. What do you say? Do share your HTKS situation so that a zillion heavenly situations are created to ward off the hell like situations!

Allow me to sign off wishing you all in the animal kingdom 'Heavenly 2013'! 

Pic Courtesy:Oneness Tree

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